Data Analyst

You love working with data, learning from it, and applying what you learn to solve real business problems. You have the technical skills and the motivation to get at the data you need, wherever it is, and in whatever shape it is. You have a good statistical toolkit to solve problems, yet you are always looking to add to it. You keep your eye out for problems to solve, and you are ready to jump in to get the numbers to help understand and solve these problems. You are a champion for fact-based decision making.

As the first true online home insurance provider in North America, we are intensely data driven. You will be working with the company’s management to support all aspects of operations. From product design and marketing to sales and claims. You will be responsible for making sense of the numbers, using your curiosity and excellent analytical skills to detect problems in time, and coming up with solid recommendations on how to make things better. You are comfortable working independently and switching quickly from one project to the next.

Your responsibilities

You’ll be responsible for constantly keeping an eye on the many metrics that need monitoring at Square One and come up with new ones to better understand our business. You will spot trends and anomalies, dig into these to get to causes and potential solutions, and clearly communicate your findings. And, using your analytical skills, you will tell us things we did not know about our business.

Since we are a small and flexible organization, you will see your answers to our questions make a big impact on our business. You’ll be who we go to when we have a question like “How much should we spend acquiring this type of customer, based on their likelihood of staying with us and their risk profile?” or “What are the characteristics or behaviours that lead to low retention rates?” or “How many agents should we hire in the next 6 months to make sure our call wait times stay within our standards?”

Your compensation + benefits

You appreciate that Square One personalizes your compensation and benefits in the same way it personalizes policies for its customers. Your compensation and benefits plan includes:

Your qualifications

As a member of the Square One team, you have a desire to contribute to the overall success of the company. You do this by becoming an expert at what you do, directing your own work, and working with a team that has a broader purpose than just making profit. You and those who you work with would describe you as someone who:

Your education + experience

Your experience and education helps ensure your success at Square One. For this role, you have:


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Why work for Square One?

Probably the shortest and simplest answer for why you should work at Square One is that you want to be part of a tight-knit team where each person’s expertise is respected and valued. You’re done working at places that tell you what to do, how to do it, and that don’t compensate you fairly. To learn more about why you should work for Square One, click the button below.

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How to apply

If you would like to apply for this position, email us your resume in PDF format. You have our commitment that we respond to all applicants and questions.

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