Service concerns

Delivering excellent customer service is important to us. We do, however, make mistakes from time-to-time. If your expectations aren’t met, then we want to know. You have our commitment that we will investigate your concern and do our best to resolve it.


Voice your concern

Tell the person who you are dealing with that you’re unhappy. Please voice your specific concern and, if possible, what can be done to resolve it. If your request falls within established guidelines, it will be resolved immediately. Otherwise, your request may be referred to a manager for review. In most cases, the manager will review and respond to your request on the same day.


Speak with the divisional head

If your concern is unaddressed after Step 1, then you can escalate it to the divisional head. Listed below is the contact information for each division.

Policy sales and service:
Jas Sandhu, Vice President, Sales
Square One Insurance Services
1.855.331.6933 ext 106

Billing and operations:
Kristina Wheeler, Director, Operations
Square One Insurance Services
1.855.331.6933 ext 104

Home insurance claims:
Wendy McCracken, Manager, Claims
Square One Claims
1.855.331.6933 ext 117

Car insurance claims:
Elke Paulson, Manager, Claims Strategy & Transformation
Zurich (Canada)

If you raise a concern with the divisional head, then we will:

  • confirm within one business day that we have received your concern;
  • collect all necessary information to review your file, including any new information that may be required from you or other interested parties; and
  • convene a committee of independent management team members, who will conduct a fresh assessment of your file and determine whether any previous decisions can or should be changed.

We will complete this process and communicate the outcome of this committee review to you, within five business days of receiving your concern.


Contact the complaints officer

You can contact the complaints officer regarding any dissatisfaction about a Square One product or service, except car insurance claims. For complaints regarding your car insurance claim, please contact Zurich Canada’s complaints officer at: or via the resolution process outlined at:

If your concern is still not satisfactorily resolved after Steps 1 and 2, you can contact our complaints officer. The complaints officer is a Square One employee who is responsible for:

  • overseeing Square One’s complaints process;
  • reviewing your complaint to ensure it has been fully and properly considered; and
  • providing you with a letter outlining Square One’s final position along with an explanation, if your complaint cannot be resolved.

Please note that the complaints officer cannot assist you with the following matters:

  • Investigating, negotiating, or settling your insurance claim.
  • Inquiring into matters that have been dealt with, or are currently being addressed through, court or a dispute resolution process.

When escalating your concern to the complaints officer, we ask that you do so in writing by email or mail. Please include the following information in your communication:

  1. Your name and contact information.
  2. Your quote, policy or claim number.
  3. A summary of your concern and what remains unaddressed.
  4. Any documentation that you would like reviewed.
  5. The outcome that you want.

You can email your communication to or mail it to:

Complaints officer
Square One Insurance Services
650 West Georgia Street, Suite 1410
Vancouver, British Columbia
V6B 4N8

You can also contact the complaints officer if you need assistance with filing your complaint, or if you have questions or want more information about how Square One processes complaints.

When the complaints officer receives a complaint regarding Square One’s product or service (except car insurance claims) that has not been satisfactorily resolved after Steps 1 and 2, and for which a final response is expected, we will record the complaint in our complaints register and open a complaint record. The complaints register and complaint records are accessible by Square One staff responsible for processing complaints. We retain information and documentation related to your complaint for the same amount of time we retain your personal information, as set out in our privacy policy.

Concerns escalated to the complaints officer are usually responded to within five business days after receipt of all the relevant documentation and materials. For complex complaints or complaints that require in-depth investigation, the complaints officer will aim to resolve them as quickly as possible. If we require more time to properly address your complaint, we will advise you of the projected timeline and keep you updated on our progress.

In any event, the complaints officer will provide a final response regarding your complaint within 60 days after receiving the complaint, except under exceptional circumstances. Where there are exceptional circumstances, the complaints officer will advise you of any such circumstances and provide a final response no later than 90 days after receiving the complaint. Exceptional circumstances may include, but are not limited to:

  • your complaint requiring review of a substantial amount of documentation or in-depth investigation;
  • if we have requested but not received further necessary documentation or information to complete the final response; or
  • if there are unforeseeable events beyond Square One’s control, such as natural disaster or other catastrophes.

Residents of Québec

While the above processes apply to all customers, Québec customers may also file their complaint using the complaint form provided by the Autorité des marchés financiers (AMF). The AMF is the financial services regulator for Québec.

AMF forms:

Once your file is entered in our complaints register, we will acknowledge receipt and inform you of your complaint registration date as soon as possible.

If you are not satisfied with the resolution of your complaint or its handling by the complaints officer, you may request for your complaint record to be examined by the AMF. The AMF can also assist with voluntary mediation services. You can contact them at:



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