Licenses and underwriters

Square One Insurance Services is an insurance agency (or brokerage) that serves several provinces in Canada. We’re authorized to issue, bill and service policies on behalf of the insurance companies (or underwriters) that we represent, and hold both business and insurance licenses for each province in which we operate.

On this page, you’ll find details about each license Square One holds, and which underwriters we work with.

Licenses held by Square One

Square One currently operates in Alberta, British Columbia, Manitoba, Ontario, Quebec, and Saskatchewan, and we’re licensed in each of these provinces. We also hold business licenses in other jurisdictions as part of our expansion efforts.

We are licensed and regulated by:

Our client number provided by the Autorité des marchés financiers is 3002172755.

Differences between insurance agencies and insurance companies

An insurance agency (or brokerage) markets and sells insurance to customers on behalf of insurance companies that actually offer and write insurance policies. In exchange for premiums paid, the insurance company agrees to pay resulting claims insured under the policy. For facilitating the sale of policies, the insurance agency receives a commission or fee from the insurance company.

The terms insurance agency and insurance brokerage are often used interchangeably, but there is a difference. An insurance agency usually represents only one insurance company whereas an insurance brokerage usually represents multiple insurance companies. If you have very complex needs, an insurance brokerage may be a better fit because it can present your business to multiple insurance companies. On the other hand, a good insurance agency will typically have the authority to accept a broader range of risks than an insurance brokerage.


Home insurance underwriter

The Mutual Fire Insurance Company of British Columbia (Mutual Fire)

Mutual Fire was started in 1902 and is based in Langley, British Columbia. The company is licensed to do business in British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Ontario, and Quebec. Mutual Fire’s operations are supervised by provincial regulators, with the BC Financial Services Authority assuming the lead regulatory role.

The Best’s Financial Strength Rating for Mutual Fire is A- (Excellent). This rating is assigned by A.M Best and it provides an independent opinion of Mutual Fire’s financial strength and ability to meet its ongoing insurance policy and contract obligations.

Mutual Fire is a member of the Property and Casualty Insurance Compensation Corporation (PACICC). PACICC is a special program funded by Canadian property and casualty insurance companies to protect policyholders and claimants. If an insurance company fails, PACICC will automatically respond to your claim as long as your insurance company is a participating member. Basically, PACICC is much like the Canadian Deposit Insurance Corporation, which protects your savings in case a bank fails.

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Legal protection insurance provider

ARAG Legal Solutions Inc. (ARAG)

ARAG Legal Solutions Inc. (ARAG) is the Canadian market leader and managing general agent specializing exclusively in Legal Expense Insurance. Working with brokers and corporate partners, ARAG creates access to justice solutions so Canadian individuals, families, and business owners can exercise their rights, preserve their budget, and be confident when facing an unforeseen legal event. ARAG Legal Solutions Inc. Legal Expense Insurance policies are underwritten by HDI Global Specialty SE. To learn more, please visit

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