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You can contact us by phone, email, fax or mail. Complete details are provided below. Looking for our company directory? It’s located far below. Have a service concern? Learn about the options available to you.

Due to recent advisories from the Public Health Agency, we will no longer be accepting walk-in customers. Customers can still get quotes, buy policies, and submit claims online or by calling 1.855.331.6933.

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The easiest way to get in touch with us is by email. You have our commitment to respond to all emails by the next business day. Please send your emails to If you’re looking to email a specific member of the Square One team, please see the company directory below.

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Have a service concern? Learn about the options available to you.
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Our head office is located at, and our mailing address is:

Square One Insurance Services 650 West Georgia Street, Suite 1410 Vancouver, British Columbia V6B 4N8

Due to recent advisories from the Public Health Agency, we will no longer be accepting walk-in customers. Customers can still get quotes, buy policies, and submit claims online or by calling 1.855.331.6933.
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It might seem a little old fashioned, but fax is still an effective way to share or request documents. So, feel free to fax us at the number below. Of course, you’re also welcome to scan any documents you may have and email them to us.


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Whether you’d like to get a quote, make a change to your policy, or report a claim, you can call our toll-free number:

1.855.331.6933 Available

Or if you prefer, call one of our local numbers. Our sales and service team is available from 5:00 AM - 6:30 PM (Monday - Saturday). Our emergency claims team is available 24-hours a day.

Company directory

Want to get in touch with someone who works at Square One? No problem. You’ll find contact information for our entire team, including the company’s president and vice presidents, below. To phone an employee, please call 1.855.331.6933 and then dial the extension provided below.

Team member Extension Email
Aashish AjitLicensed Insurance Agent 133
M. Adnan ShamsLicensed Insurance Agent + Team Lead 112
Alain HarbLicensed Insurance Agent 204
Alaina RenshawLicensed Insurance Agent 178
Alberto BandalaRoad Adjuster | Square One Claims 173
Aneel MattuMarketing Manager 127
Anjali TayalLicensed Insurance Agent 140
Annie ZhangIn-house Legal Counsel 180
Anthony MichaelFrench Translator + Technical Writer 176
Armine ArzumanyanQuality Assurance Specialist 111
Atheey NaguleswaranLicensed Insurance Agent 196
Birgitta FarrenLicensed Insurance Agent 157
Brad RottoRoad Adjuster | Square One Claims 136
Brock RigbyIntermediate Full Stack Developer 187
Brett VanciseLicensed Insurance Agent 171
Caleb LimLicensed Insurance Agent 181
Carla CampbellLicensed Insurance Agent 186
Carolyn ClarksonLicensed Insurance Agent 143
Cheryl JoseyLicensed Insurance Agent 175
Chris BaylyVice President, Finance + Underwriting 273
Christine GilesTelephone Adjuster 174
S. Cindy LiaoTelephone Adjuster | Square One Claims
Claire Van ThielLicensed Insurance Agent 115
Colm KilduffData Scientist 164
Corinne SpitznagelLicensed Insurance Agent 152
Cristiane ParmigianiAdministrative Assistant 125
Daniel LegaultClaims Adjuster | Square One Claims 197
Daniel MirkovicPresident + CEO 100
Danielle Dela CruzLicensed Insurance Agent 166
Devon McGuireCall Centre Supervisor 110
Diane ParrasLicensed Insurance Agent 160
Diego RamirezLicensed Insurance Agent 194
Dustin LudwigLicensed Insurance Agent + Team Lead 113
Edd ClarkeSoftware Developer 121
Edwin LinSoftware Developer 138
Ekaterina BedritskayaLicensed Insurance Agent 203
Emily BoydLicensed Insurance Agent 146
Emily FonbergLicensed Insurance Agent 190
Eran AzranLicensed Insurance Agent 182
Erica MilhomensLicensed Insurance Agent 163
Fabio BaidaLicensed Insurance Agent 134
R. Faith DaleLicensed Insurance Agent 153
Fatou PouyeLicensed Insurance Agent 201
Hanson WongLicensed Insurance Agent 154
Harry RyanLicensed Insurance Agent + Team Lead 168
Hilda MashayekhDigital Marketing Coordinator 161
Honelen ChanAdministrative Specialist 169
Igor StevanovicCall Centre Supervisor 114
Jas SandhuDirector, Sales 106
Jasmine LahaiseLicensed Insurance Agent 144
Jason Vander ZalmVice President, Information Technology 103
Jerlyne NathanTraining + Communications Specialist 205
Jody Barker-LeuthardData Scientist + Team Lead 126
Joyce FancobitLicensed Insurance Agent 177
Justin RooneyLicensed Insurance Agent 170
Karishma VarmaLicensed Insurance Agent 192
Kathy VallanceLicensed Insurance Agent 185
Kevin CernaRoad Adjuster | Square One Claims 108
Kirsten BarrLicensed Insurance Agent + Team Lead 107
Kristina WheelerOperations Manager 104
Lawrence WongLicensed Insurance Agent
Lily YeungLicensed Insurance Agent + Team Lead 120
X. Lisa SumSenior Claims Examiner | Square One Claims 137
Lisa SzymczakRoad Adjuster | Square One Claims 172
Manveetpal MitharuLicensed Insurance Agent 207
Marco HoLicensed Insurance Agent 162
Marie CarriereLicensed Insurance Agent 199
Marilen BautistaLicensed Insurance Agent + Team Lead 139
Mattia MazzareseLicensed Insurance Agent + Team Lead 119
Megan LaiLicensed Insurance Agent + Team Lead
Michael LeveltonTelephone Adjuster 183
Natalie YuenSEO Marketing Coordinator 159
Pooja RattanLicensed Insurance Agent 150
Rahat MahmoodLicensed Insurance Agent 193
Ravideep PalaLicensed Insurance Agent 181
Rena NovotnyClaims Manager | Square One Claims 129
Rohit TandleLicensed Insurance Agent 149
Rupert PongClaims Supervisor + Vendor Manager | Square One Claims 109
Sandra SandquistLicensed Insurance Agent 131
Sanjouna SuntooAdministrative Assistant 124
Saphala PallLicensed Insurance Agent 122
Sarena JaswalLicensed Insurance Agent 165
Scott TrepkeSenior Claims Examiner | Square One Claims 117
Seamus McKaleContent Marketing Specialist 147
Shimon MachidaVideo Production Specialist 128
Simranjit KaurLicensed Insurance Agent 184
Sivanuya KasippillaiLicensed Insurance Agent + Team Lead 195
Stefan TirschlerProduct + Underwriting Manager 132
G. Sunny DhimanLicensed Insurance Agent + Team Lead 141
Swati SinghLicensed Insurance Agent 145
Taranjit BasraLicensed Insurance Agent 118
Trevor SmartSoftware Developer 198
Wade HeidtLicensed Insurance Agent 116
William GoLicensed Insurance Agent 148
Zain ChauhanLicensed Insurance Agent 179
Zeb Doherty-WayneLicensed Insurance Agent + Team Lead 158