Support (and advice) when you need it

Looking to report a claim, make a change to your policy, or learn about topics related to home or car insurance? You’ve come to the right place. Choose from one of the options listed below.

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Manage your claims

Need to report a claim? We’re available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You can report your claim online by following these simple steps:

  • Log in to your online account
  • Click on the “Claims” tab.
  • Select the appropriate policy, click on “Report a new claim”, and follow the instructions.

An adjuster will contact you as soon as possible. While you wait to be contacted, please review the home insurance claims process and the car insurance claims process. We also have answers to common insurance questions.

If you need assistance with an existing claim, contact your adjuster. If you’re unable to reach your adjuster, call 1.855.331.6933.

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Manage your policies

You’re busy. That’s why we offer multiple convenient options to manage your Square One policy. The easiest way is to serve yourself by logging in to your online account. Once logged in, you can:

  • View your active policies and pending quotes.
  • Download current versions of your policy documents.
  • Make changes to your active policies.
  • Request a policy cancellation.
  • Upload documents requested by one of our agents.
  • Update your payment method.
  • Send us a secure message.

If you prefer, you’re welcome to email us. One of our licensed agents would be pleased to assist you during our regular office hours.

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Six interesting facts about Square One

Square One has been shaking up the insurance industry since 2011, and we’ve made quite the impact. Here are six interesting facts that distinguish Square One from our competitors.

  1. 5 minutes is the average time to get an online quote
  2. 80% of calls answered in under one-minute
  3. 5,000 online chats answered each month
  4. 93% of customers get quotes online
  5. 5 million pieces of paper saved annually by emailing documents
  6. 6% of customers insure fine arts and collectibles
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Free insurance tools

To assist you with the home insurance buying process, we’ve pulled together a few tools for you.

The first is a guide to buying homeowner’s insurance, particularly useful for first-time homeowners. It describes what policies cover and what questions you’ll be asked when getting a quote.

Next, you can download a simple home inventory worksheet. Completing this worksheet will help you determine exactly how much coverage you need for your personal and specialty property.

Finally, you can get a free online quote. A great tool for first-time home insurance buyers, but also useful for those with active policies. In fact, industry experts recommend that you get comparison quotes every three years to ensure you’re getting the right protection.

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Insurance basics + advice

You have access to dozens of articles on insurance-related topics through this website. These articles are sorted in three ways.

First, you can access twelve different resource centres, grouped by topic. For example, there are resources centres for home buying and selling, as well as moving and getting to know your home. There are also resource centres specifically for homeowners, landlords, and tenants.

Next, you can review a series of articles that provide the basics of home insurance. These articles range from the types of home insurance typically offered to ways to save on your policy.

Finally, you can review answers to commonly asked questions. For example, get tips on how to save money on your insurance and learn whether or not insurance policies exclude “Acts of God”.