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Home insurance basics

Home insurance is one of many types of insurance policies. In this section, learn more about the common types of home insurance available in Canada, plus common elements of home insurance policies that you should be familiar with.

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Common coverages

While every home insurance policy is different, most coverages are pretty similar. In this section learn about some of the most common home insurance coverage types available today.

Loss types

In insurance, a “loss” is any event that leads to a claim. There are many types of losses, from natural disasters to thefts to slip-and-fall lawsuits. From these articles, learn all about the most important causes of loss in home insurance.

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Specialty coverages

Most things that are in, around, or part of your home fall under just a few categories of insurance coverage—but there are always outliers. In this section, learn about special types of coverage for things like rare collectibles, valuable jewellery, home business property, and lots more.


Premiums are the amount of money you pay in exchange for insurance coverage. In the following articles, you can learn more about how they’re calculated, and how you can reduce your premiums.

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