Home insurance claims providers

As individuals, we are commonly judged, perceived, and rated by the company we keep. This is no different in the world of business. In order to be one of the best in the market, Square One has aligned itself with some of the best adjusters, contractors, and vendors in the market. In every area that we conduct business, we have partnered up with very well-established and well-known local adjuster firms and restoration contractors.

Many of the claims that we receive may be quite complex and extensive, requiring site attendance and assessment. These are always assigned to our preferred providers located near the loss location. Preferred providers understand our policies, procedures, protocols, and service expectations. This ensures that the claims process is as fluid and expedient as possible. At the same time, our customers are treated with the utmost courtesy, respect and fairness.

Equally as important as having preferred adjusters is having preferred restoration contractors. Prior to becoming a Square One preferred contractor, a review is conducted of the contractor’s capacity as a company, and their customer service record. We also ensure that they are bonded and carry the necessary insurance. Our preferred contractors are reviewed and audited on an annual basis to ensure they are meeting Square One’s demands of a high customer service level. By using one of our preferred restoration contractors, you can rest assured that not only are the repairs guaranteed by the preferred restorer but also by Square One.

Listed below are some Square One’s preferred adjusting firms and restoration contractors.


Adjusting firms: