Properly licensed to serve you

Square One Insurance Services is an insurance agency (or brokerage) that serves several provinces in Canada. We’re authorized to issue, bill and service policies on behalf of the insurance companies (or underwriters) that we represent.

Licenses held by Square One

Square One currently operates, and holds both business and insurance licenses, in Alberta, British Columbia, Manitoba, Ontario, Quebec, and Saskatchewan. We also hold business licenses in other jurisdictions as part of our expansion efforts.

We are licensed and regulated by:

Our client number provided by the Autorité des marchés financiers is 3002172755.

Differences between insurance agencies and insurance companies

An insurance agency (or brokerage) markets and sells insurance to customers on behalf of insurance companies that actually offer and write insurance policies. In exchange for premiums paid, the insurance company agrees to pay resulting claims insured under the policy. For facilitating the sale of policies, the insurance agency receives a commission or fee from the insurance company.

The terms insurance agency and insurance brokerage are often used interchangeably, but there is a difference. An insurance agency usually represents only one insurance company whereas an insurance brokerage usually represents multiple insurance companies. If you have very complex needs, an insurance brokerage may be a better fit because it can present your business to multiple insurance companies. On the other hand, a good insurance agency will typically have the authority to accept a broader range of risks than an insurance brokerage.