The Room Makeover Series

Presented by Square One, each episode in The Room Makeover Series features a deserving family getting one room redesigned and renovated in just 48 hours. See the thought process behind the redesign, hidden issues that arise during renovations, and amazing before and after transitions.

And, as a benefit of being a Square One customer, we’re giving you the opportunity to nominate someone (including yourself) for a $20,000 room makeover – completely paid for by Square One.

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Episode 4: Reimer family

This is the largest makeover yet, split into four parts. The Reimers tragically lost their son, Caleb, at age 16 in a car accident. To help the healing process, Lisa, the team, and family friends completely redesign and renovate the Reimer’s living room, kitchen, and family room.

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Episode 4
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Episode 3: Gabrielle

Lisa and the team renovate and redesign a small apartment for Gabrielle in Surrey, BC. After a turbulent childhood, Gabrielle has finally settled into her own place but it’s in desparate need of a fresh makeover.

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Episode 3
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Episode 2: Kaela and Matthew

Lisa Moody and the team are back with another room makeover for homeowners Kaela and Matthew in Port Moody, BC. Kaela nominated her husband to receive a basement makeover, so he could have a comfortable place to relax.

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Episode 2
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Episode 1: Straforelli family

Hosted by Lisa Moody from Grapevine Designs, watch the team redesign and renovate a room for Rebecca and her family in beautiful Langley, BC.

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Episode 1

Nominate someone you know

To nominate someone you know (including yourself) for The Room Makeover Series and a $20,000 room makeover, follow the steps below. In addition to a room makeover, chosen nominees will also receive 12-months of pre-paid home insurance from Square One.

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You have our promise to respond to every nomination.

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Meet Lisa and Morris

Lisa Moody

Grapevine Designs is a boutique Interior Design firm that is passionate about working together with their clients to create beautiful and thoughtful spaces. With over 21 years of experience in the Interior Design industry, Grapevine offers solutions that make spaces easier and more enjoyable to live, work, and play in.

Believing in the collaborative nature of design, the team at Grapevine brings their various skillsets together to bring creative solutions to each project by listening to each client’s unique needs.

To work with Lisa, visit

Lisa Moody

Morris VanAndel

Morris owns Vanwest Developments, a trusted construction company serving the Greater Vancouver Regional District. The team at Vanwest Developments prides themselves on their long history of successful projects and happy customers. They only work with trusted tradespeople to ensure the highest quality of work while maintaining strict safety standards.

To work with Vanwest Developments, email Morris.

Morris VanAndel

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