My Future Home Contest: Winners

Thank you to everyone who participated! After receiving hundreds of amazing drawings, 10 were selected and converted into professional illustrations.

Voting has now closed and the winners have been determined. To view all the winners, please continue reading below.


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1st place: Brayden, 12, North Vancouver

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Step right into this 6-bedroom tree fort on an isolated island coast that features a theatre, dance floor, and the ultimate gaming setup. Take the elevator straight up to the 75-story-high treetops and enjoy an observatory with a super-magnifying telescope, an elegant waterfall, two skyways, a helicopter pad, and a rocket ship. Yes, a rocket ship!

2nd place: Souradrita, 12, Mississauga

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This colourful dream home features a top of the line security system including shatter-proof glass and fingerprint scanners. Once inside, you can enjoy two swimming pools, a hot tub, and waterslide perfect for entertaining friends and family. It even comes with extra room for your pets!

3rd place: Al-Sehail, 7, Mississauga

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The most unique feature of this solar powered home is the glass dome. Not only does it allows natural light to pass through, it features an artificial grass floor so you can feel like you’re always outside! Want to enjoy outside even more? There’s plenty of room in the fenced-off backyard for extra activities with friends and family.

Top 10: Janelle, 13, Mississauga

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This treetop house draws inspiration from Studio Ghibli’s films Spirited Away and Howl’s Moving Castle. It’s intended to give off a warm and inviting atmosphere with vines surrounding the house and flowers hanging from leaves. The multi-floor house has a wrap-around patio and a tunnel that goes into the bottom floor!

Top 10: Sijing, 12, Surrey

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Ever wonder what it would feel like to live inside a dragon? Now’s your chance! This dragon-themed home is built in a cavern, surrounded by unique green mushrooms. It features a front porch and raised front door designed to mimic a dragon’s tail. It also has multiple chimneys to give it an authentic dragon feel!

Top 10: Audrey, 13, Nanoose Bay

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This treetop home comes jam-packed with fun and exciting features. Whether you want to swing over the water, enjoy an unlimited supply of candy in an outdoor kitchen, or relax in double rainbow hammock beds, there’s always something to do. Worried about the bugs? Don’t fret, this home comes with mosquito nets to keep the bugs out!

Top 10: Leo and Louie, 12, Burnaby

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This three-storey whale house was specially constructed to move across the oceans and around the world. The exterior resembles a Whale Shark, Beluga, and Blue Whale. The interior features furniture from the beach, seaweed ladders, waterslide, a crab TV, and a shooting star bed. And, it features a one-button food delivery system and heliport!

Top 10: Kaitlyn, 9, Vancouver

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This home is packed with special features including a rooftop rock climbing wall covered in solar panels. It also features a stone waterfall that flows under a wooden bridge that leads to a swimming pool and hot tub. Looking for a place to relax? Check out the cozy sauna hidden underneath the waterfall!

Top 10: Marianna, 12, Mississauga

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This Hollywood mansion features a roundabout driveway, two double garages, and a sprawling backyard leading up to the famous Hollywood sign. Once you’ve finished appreciating the exterior stone finish, you’ll step inside to five bedrooms, seven bathrooms, and a super-cooled attic perfect for your favourite activities!

Top 10: Adrienn, 12, Surrey

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This elegant house is designed to resemble a fantasy garden with a glass fish tank roof on the front porch filled with koi fish, a frog, and lily pads. Find secret rooms throughout and a balcony that wraps the entire outside. The roof is made of flower petals and attaches to a flower chimney. You’ll also find hundreds of flowers around the property!


Each of the 10 participants featured above will receive $100 and a framed copy of their drawing converted into a professional illustration. The top three drawings as voted by the public will also receive the following RESP contributions:

  1. $1,500
  2. $500
  3. $250