Flash mob a flop so Square One will stick to selling home insurance

March 16, 2012

(Vancouver, BC): Square One Insurance organized a flash mob as part of its official launch in British Columbia. The flash mob took place in front of the Vancouver Art Gallery on March 14, 2012 during the lunch hour. Unfortunately, it didn’t go as well as expected.

For starters, it was cold and rainy. While it was not ideal weather to perform outside, it was somewhat appropriate since the group was performing a choreographed routine to Rihanna’s song “Umbrella”. Unfortunately, the bad weather kept away most spectators. And while the group started off strong, they quickly lost their ‘groove’ and their dance moves were several steps off beat.

“I think we all have a new appreciation for dancers…it’s not as easy as one would think,” says Daniel Mirkovic, President & CEO. “It was a lot of fun, but I think we’ll stick to doing what we do best and that’s selling home insurance.”

A video of the performance is provided below. Think the group should try again? Email your thoughts to Daniel Mirkovic or post them on the company’s facebook page.


Established in 2011 and based in Vancouver, British Columbia, Square One Insurance provides Canadians living in urban centres with modern, relevant home insurance. Square One is one of the few providers in Canada specializing in home insurance and offering truly customized policies that can be purchased over the phone and online. For more information about Square One, visit our www.squareone.ca.