Renewing your policy

Good news! Policies offered by Square One automatically renew. You don’t have to worry about accidentally being unprotected. But, we recommend you take a moment to review your policy online. While doing so, you can update your information, which could save you money. You can also update coverage or deductible choices if your needs have changed.

To review and update your policy, sign in to your account. Continue reading to learn more about why keeping your policy active is right for you.

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Enjoy comprehensive protection

Your policy from Square One offers comprehensive coverage — the broadest type of coverage available in Canada. You’re protected against all types of loss except what’s specifically excluded.

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Enjoy rate-capping benefits

As long as you keep your policy active, any premium increases year-to-year are limited to a certain percentage. In fact, some customers find their premiums decrease at renewal.

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Enjoy interest-free payments

You’re free to choose: pay for your next year of coverage all at once at renewal time, or make monthly payments throughout the year. Unlike most providers, you don’t pay interest if you choose monthly payments.

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Enjoy low deductibles

Square One offers deductibles as low as $250 (some of the lowest available in Canada) so your policy can recover more. You can also choose higher deductibles if you’d prefer to save on premiums.

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Keep your MRP

When you buy a new home insurance policy from most providers, some of the first premium payments are non-refundable. When you keep your Square One policy active, you don’t need to worry; you’re not subject to a Minimum Retained Premium.

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Manage everything online

Square One is Canada’s leading online home insurance provider. Manage every aspect of your policy from your easy-to-use online account without ever needing to speak with an agent (though they’re available to help if you need it).

Thinking about cancelling your policy?

Before you do, read through some common cancellation reasons below and learn how Square One can help solve them. If you still wish to cancel, visit our cancellation page to learn how and what you can expect when cancelling.

“I found a cheaper policy”

For many customers, price is an important factor when it comes to choosing an insurance provider. If you find a cheaper policy from a competitor, send us an email to see how we can help reduce your payments.

“I’ve decided to move”

At Square One, you can simply transfer your current policy to your new location; no need to cancel. Also, by keeping your current policy, your belongings are protected while in transit and you don’t need to purchase additional insurance.

“I received poor service”

Customer service is of the utmost importance at Square One. If you’re having a poor interaction with our company, please let us know by sending an email. We promise to address all your concerns and make things right.

“I’m renovating my home”

For most changes to your living situation, you simply need to update your policy to reflect your home’s current state. It’s easy to update your policy using your online account. Or, send us an email and an agent will be happy to help update your policy.

“I also want auto insurance”

Bundling your home and automobile insurance can offer significant savings. While Square One does not currently offer auto insurance, send us an email to see if we can offer similar savings.

“I find insurance expensive”

If you’re having trouble paying for insurance, send us an email and an agent will help you find ways to save on your premiums. Going without insurance is not recommended as you may face larger expenses after a loss.