Car insurance resource centre

Most people have car insurance, but how many people really understand it? After all, each car insurance policy contains many different coverages, and some of them aren’t the easiest things in the world to understand.

This resource centre explains the ins and outs of car insurance, and all the different types of coverage available to drivers in Canada.. Take a few minutes to review the articles below. If you have a specific question that you would like us to answer, please email us and we’ll do our best to respond.

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Calculating car insurance premiums

Learn how car insurance premiums are calculated, including the factors that may lead to premium increases (plus, how to reduce them).

How to choose a car insurance deductible

Learn about the difference kinds of car insurance deductibles available, and how to choose the right deductibles when you buy car insurance.

All perils car insurance

All perils car insurance is the broadest coverage you can buy for your car. Here, learn what it covers and how it works.

Comprehensive car insurance guide

Comprehensive car insurance is (usually) optional. Here, learn what it covers, when you need it, and how it compares to other options.

Collision car insurance guide

What is collision coverage on your car insurance policy? Learn about this optional coverage and how collision settlements work.

DCPD coverage explained

DCPD (direct compensation for property damage) car insurance is mandatory in many provinces. Here, learn how it works and what it covers.

Ineligible car insurance applications

What happens if your application for car insurance is declined in Ontario, Alberta, or Quebec? Learn about your options here.

What is loss of use in car insurance?

What's loss of use coverage in car insurance? Learn about here, including how loss of use works and all about rental car eligibility.

Your guide to accident benefits in Ontario

Learn about accident benefits and car insurance in Ontario. We cover the mandatory benefits and the options for expanded benefits.

Specified perils car insurance coverage

Specified perils coverage is an option for many car insurance policies. Here, we'll explain what it covers and compare it to other options.

Third-party liability and car insurance

Third-party liability is an important concept in car insurance. Here, learn how third-party liability coverage works in car insurance.

14 types of car insurance

There are many car insurance coverages available in Canada. Learn about all of them on this page, from damage coverage to liability.

What is car insurance?

Every driver in Canada needs car insurance, but not every driver fully understands what it's for. Here, learn all about this crucial coverage.

New vs. used: which car should you buy?

Should you buy a new or used car? In this guide, learn the pros and cons of each, plus the insurance considerations with new and used vehicles.

What to do after a vehicle accident

Learn what to do in the immediate aftermath of a vehicle collision, from ensuring everyone's safety to starting an insurance claim.

Drinking and driving: laws and penalties in Canada

Learn the federal and provincial drinking and driving laws in Canada, including BAC limits, penalties, and car insurance implications.

Declining DCPD coverage in Ontario

Drivers in Ontario can decline DCPD coverage when they buy car insurance. Should they? Here, learn the pitfalls of going without DCPD.

Rental car coverage in Ontario: OPCF 27

Learn about car insurance endorsement OPCF 27 in Ontario, which covers damage to rental cars and certain other non-owned vehicles.