Declarations Page

Reviewed by Stefan Tirschler

Updated May 30, 2023


dec·la·ra·tions page | ˌde-klə-ˈrā-shəns ˈpāj

Definition: A page (or pages) of an insurance policy that summarizes key information about the policy.

After receiving her new policy, Mary carefully checked the declarations page for errors.

What is the declarations page?

You will generally find the declarations page at the beginning of an insurance policy document. The section is often more than a single page in length.

The declarations page is also known as an information page or a dec sheet. At Square One, we call it a policy declaration. Some other home insurance providers call it a coverage summary.

The declarations page is a summary of the essential information relating to that specific policy.

It includes the:

  • named insured
  • address of the named insured
  • location of the insured premises
  • policy term
  • policy coverages and limits of coverage
  • policy deductibles
  • endorsements, limitations, and other key information about the policy

When you receive a new insurance policy, review the policy declarations carefully to make sure that there are no errors.

Most insurance policies have a term of one year. One to two months ahead of your annual policy renewal, you’ll get a new policy document with a fresh policy declaration. Review your new documents each year to stay on top of any changes in your coverage or your premium.

As mentioned earlier, Square One refers to the declarations page as the “policy declaration.” It’s found at the beginning of policy wording documents that we issue. Our policy declaration is usually several pages long.

The important points

  • The declarations page on an insurance policy is a summary of essential policy information.
  • Declarations pages are also known as policy declarations, information pages, or dec sheets.
  • It’s important to carefully review the details on the declarations page when you receive new insurance policy documents.

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