Tips for decorating your Christmas table

Updated April 6, 2023

You’ve done the hard part: Christmas shopping? Check. Installed the Christmas lights and decorations? Check. Put up the tree and hung the ornaments? Check.

Now comes the best part: the Christmas meal! Nothing beats gathering around the dining room table and enjoying a memorable holiday feast in the company of friends and family. But it wouldn’t be Christmas without a beautifully decorated table and ambiance to match.

Here are a few tips to help make your Christmas table legendary.

Christmas table decoration

1. Break out the festive tablecloth

Nothing says Christmas more than a festive tablecloth.

Red, white, and green are the traditional colours of the season and any combination of these will instantly dial up the ambiance. If you want to set a more formal tone, a solid dark red or green tablecloth will do the trick, while a tablecloth with brighter colours and Christmas trim will create a more lighthearted vibe. You may also try other colours if you prefer.

Christmas themed white tablecloth


Whatever style of tablecloth you choose, it should always go hand in hand with your dinnerware, which brings us to tip #2:

2. Fine china or festive dinnerware?

If you opt for a more formal tablecloth, don’t hesitate to dig out the fine china and silverware to match. Isn’t that why you added them to your wedding gift registry? Of course, if you’re using a more festive tablecloth, coloured plates will instantly get your guests into the holiday mood.

3. Napkins and napkin rings

So you’ve settled on a tablecloth and dinnerware—fantastic! Now it’s time to get out the napkins.

Christmas napkin rings


Once again, the style of napkin you choose should match your tablecloth. You can go with solid-coloured ones or festive designs; it’s up to you.

But you must not forget the napkin ring. They’re a nice touch for any holiday table and are available in many styles, from elegant gold and silver rings to ones with seasonal and festive themes.

Or, you can bring out the artist in you and make your own. Hold the napkin from the middle and slip it through the ring, then set the napkins on the plates—your guests will be delighted.

Now your table is really taking shape!

4. Glasses

Christmas glasses


Set out your best glassware for your guests.

If you’re toasting with champagne, get out the champagne flutes and don’t forget the first rule of being a good host: keep those glasses full! Another good tip for the holiday table is to place wine glass rings on the glasses so your guests don’t misplace their glass (and more importantly, their wine).

Christmas wine glass charms


5. Get crackin’

A British tradition, the Christmas cracker is a fun addition to any Christmas table.

Christmas crackers

These cardboard tubes contain a humorous gift or message, and will be your most interactive and entertaining table decoration. Place them on or beside the plates. When the time comes, everyone holds one end of the cracker and pulls, creating a cracking sound as the tube splits, revealing the gift.

6. Music maestro!

What would Christmas be without music?

Whether you are a purist who loves the traditional carols or a softie who can’t get enough of those classic jazz standards, a little Christmas-themed background music will be the perfect complement to your meal. Whatever your tastes in music, have fun creating your very own playlist and dazzle your guests with your musical acumen.

Of course, these are just a few of our recommendations.

Feel free to explore and combine different colours, themes and ideas, from store-bought items to homemade—it’s your table and your party. The key is to bring out the warmth and the joy of the season.

Happy holidays!

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