Landlord resource centre

A rental property (or a rental suite in your home) can be a fantastic source of income. It can also be a major source of headaches (and costs) if you don’t take steps to protect yourself. This landlord resource centre is designed to help you protect yourself.

Below are a number of articles that range from finding the right tenant to securing the right insurance. If you have a specific question that you would like us to answer, please email us and we’ll do our best to respond.

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Choosing and selecting a tenant for your rental property

Learn how to effectively advertise your rental property, prepare the proper forms and review applications so you can quickly find the right type of tenant.

Airbnb horror stories and how to protect your short-term rental

Learn what can go wrong when you rent your home using Airbnb or other short-term rental programs, and what you can do to prevent and protect yourself from disasters.

Liability risks for landlords

Learn the responsibilities of a landlord, and how landlords can minimize any potential liabilities arising from their rental property.

Why your tenants need insurance

While it's not required by law, there are several reasons why you as a landlord can better protect yourself by having your tenants purchase their own renters insurance policy. And, learn how renters insurance can benefit your tenants as well.

Why you need landlord's insurance in Canada

Learn why you absolutely need landlord's and rental income insurance if you're renting out a home in Canada, and how it can save you long term financial headaches.

Signing and ending a residential lease

Learn about residential tenancy agreements and how they relate to landlords and tenants. Also, learn the actions you are required to take if you want to end a tenancy term early and access other helpful landlord related resources.

Insuring rental suites

Learn when a landlord can enter their rental unit and what kind of notice must be given to a tenant. Also, learn what your home insurance provider will want to know about your rental unit.

Landlord responsibilities for rental unit repairs

Learn who is responsible for making repairs when damage has been done to a rental unit. Also learn what repairs tenants are responsible for and when it's the landlord's responsibility.

Checklist for residential rental units

Looking to rent your home to a new tenant? Review this checklist from Square One first. Learn what to look for before, during, and after the tenancy if you're a landlord in Canada.

Avoiding marijuana grow ops

This guide provides information on marijuana grow-ops and how landlords can stop them from taking place on their rental property. Learn the signs to watch for and what you should do if you find out your tenant is operating one on your property.