Square One announces it’s providing $15,000 room makeovers to Canadians in-need

October 28, 2020

(Vancouver, BC): Square One, a Canadian home insurance provider, just launched the Room Makeover Series — a new video series in which they help Canadian families going through hardship. They’ve teamed up with a local interior designer and general contractor to transform the homes of deserving families with $15,000 room makeovers.

  • $15,000 is available for families in need to transform their home with a room makeover;
  • The new series aims to complete the transformation within 48 hours;
  • Anyone can nominate a friend, family member or someone they know in need; and,
  • The first episode features a family of 5 who lost their father 2 years ago.

Making a difference for Canadians

Like most companies, Square One transitioned to working from home in response to the pandemic. They learned from customers and staff that home is becoming a higher priority for families. More than ever, families need a safe space to enjoy each other’s company.

So, Square One came up with the Room Makeover series. It’s a terrific way to entertain those at home and help the families and communities that need it most right now.

To create this series, they teamed up with a local interior designer and general contractor to transform the homes of families across Canada. The goal is simple: help families going through hardship who can’t afford an amazing home transformation themselves.

Hosted by Lisa Moody from Grapevine Designs, the concept behind this new series is simple: redesign and renovate one room for a deserving family in just 48 hours — completely paid for by Square One. Viewers see the thought process behind the redesign, hidden issues that arise during renovations, and amazing before and after transitions.

Lisa smiling in a room
Lisa Moody, Grapevine Designs
Morris smiling in a room
Morris VanAndel, Vanwest Developments

“This is something we wanted to launch for a while now. It’s a unique way for us to give back to the community,” said Square One CEO Daniel Mirkovic. “As a home insurance provider, we know how important it is to have a comfortable and safe home. The pandemic amplified these needs as families spend even more time at home.”

Square One wants to help make a lasting and positive change in people’s homes and lives.

Rebecca, a mother of four from the BC Lower Mainland, has never felt the same about her living room since her husband passed away two years ago. The living room used to be a place for their family to gather, share their day’s highlights, be there for one another, and enjoy leisure time together. It was her husband’s favourite room, one where the family made countless valuable memories.

A family friend knew what Rebecca was going through and nominated her, to help reinstate the living room as the central place in the household.

“We heard about Rebecca’s story and the challenges that her family faced, we knew that they deserved something good,” said Mirkovic. “We’re pleased that we could transform the family’s home before the teenagers grow up and move out.”

Building dreams for the Straforelli family: Episode 1

Moody, contractor Morris VanAndel, and Square One got right to work after hearing the story, transforming Rebecca’s living room in less than 48 hours.

The project began by moving the family out of the home so the final reveal would be a surprise for Rebecca and her four kids. Then, Moody quickly got to work planning the transformation.

VanAndel quickly began working on the proposed designs, with his team working diligently to make sure they met strict hourly deadlines.

After several roadblocks, it came down to the last few minutes, when the finishing touches were added to the room.

“As a result of helping Rebecca, her family now has a comfortable space for family gatherings. We’re so pleased that it’s a space they love,” said Mirkovic. “We hope that this experience has a ripple effect, extending from the family to the community in which they live.”

ew and old living room

Watch the first episode and nominate a deserving family

Watch the complete first episode of The Room Makeover Series here.

Nominating someone (including yourself) for a $15,000 room makeover is easy. Visit The Room Makeover Series and complete the one-page nomination form. Don’t worry: there is no time limit to nominate someone.


Straforelli family photo
Rebecca Straforelli at the dining table
Dark living room Bright and updated living room
Women in a dark living room
Women in bright new living room
Family in their new living room
Laughing family in the living room


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