Square One announces new relationship with BFL CANADA, benefiting condo owners across the country

October 18, 2023

Vancouver, BC: Square One is pleased to announce a relationship with BFL CANADA that will offer condo owners across Canada a better, more customizable condo insurance option.

Square One offers Canadians personalized home insurance options. Customers select coverages and limits based on their individual needs, only paying for the protection they need and want. By working with BFL CANADA, a leading commercial insurance brokerage and consulting firm, more condo owners will have access to personalized condo insurance.

Through this relationship, condo owners in buildings with commercial insurance from BFL CANADA will receive several benefits, including:

“We are the go-to insurance provider for affordable, personalized home insurance. By working with BFL CANADA, we’re ensuring that customers have the proper personal and commercial insurance protection for their condo units,” says Daniel Mirkovic, President + CEO, Square One.

“Our vision has always been to connect our clients to provide complete peace of mind as simply as possible,” says Gareth McDonnell, President, BFL CANADA Realty Insurance Services. “With this exclusive relationship, we are launching a personal insurance solution for BFL CANADA condo owners that is affordable and offers lots of flexibility without compromising protection.”

To learn more about condo insurance offered by Square One, visit squareone.ca/condo.