Winter snow removal across Canada

Written by the Square One team

Updated June 12, 2024 | Published November 18, 2018

It is again that time of year when most of Canada is covered with a blanket of white snow. Even cities like Vancouver, known for their mild winters, have experienced their first flurries; sending shoppers into stores on a frenzied hunt for salt and the perfect shovel.

While the kids are delighted to be making snow angels, sledding and engaging in snowball fights, many adults cringe at the additional chores that come with snowfall.

Person shoveling snow

From shoveling the walkways to treating ice and scraping car windows, city bylaws have you doing your part to keep pathways clear and safe for pedestrians.

While it seems simple enough a task, there are tips and tricks to consider that will help you stay injury free and decrease the time spent on snow removal chores. Less time on shoveling means more time to enjoy the glow of the brilliant white snow – even if it is only through the window while you cozy by the fire with a good book.

For a quick overview of Snow Removal Tips and Canadian snowfall numbers, check out the infographic below.

Snow Removal Infographic

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