Renter resource centre

In most cities, there is a limited supply of rental apartments, homes and suites. This renter resource centre is designed to help you find the right home and better understand renters insurance. Below are a number of articles that range from conducting your initial search to negotiating a lease. If you have a specific question that you would like us to answer, please email us.

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Finding a home to rent

Are you looking for a new home to rent? Learn how to use regular tools to search for a home or apartment to rent and some often overlooked search methods. Also learn what questions to ask when viewing the rental.

How to find a good roommate in 4 steps

Do you know how to choose the right roommate? Learn what to look for, the important questions you need to ask before living with someone and how to finalize your roommate decision.

Preparing a roommate agreement

Now that you've found a roommate, it's time to sign an agreement. Learn the details you and your roommate should discuss before living together and some potential questions you may need to ask.

Finding insurance with a roommate

Learn why you need tenants insurance when living with a roommate. Also, learn the pros and cons of sharing a policy with your roommate.

Signing a lease with a roommate

When moving in with a roommate, who is going to sign and be named as a “tenant” in the rental agreement? Learn your rights as a renter with a roommate and how to set up your agreement.

Solving common issues when living with a roommate

When living with a roommate, friend or not, some annoyances are bound to come up. Learn how you can solve some common issues when renting a place with someone else.

Choosing a college roommate: The 6 step guide

Choosing a roommate in college can be stressful. It isn’t an exact science, but you can try to eliminate some potential disasters by using these handy tips.

12 money saving tips for college and university students

College and university can be expensive to attend in Canada. From tuition to housing costs and having a social life, these expenses can add up! However, it doesn’t always have to be. Here are 12 money saving tips for college and university students, so you can have financial freedom when you graduate.

11 security tips for apartment renters

From a security standpoint, renting has a downside: apartment-dwellers are much more likely to be the victims of a break-in than homeowners. Read our tips.

The College Care Package - A visual guide

Sending kids off to college can sometimes be a difficult experience for a parent. Many times, you're sending them off to a different city or province.

The ultimate care packages for your university student

One of the greatest surprises for a student away at university or college is receiving a care package from your family and friends. Learn different themes and types of care packages you can surprise your child or friend with.

Insurance for students living away from home

When you live away from home, It’s important to make sure your belongings and valuables are protected from the unexpected. Learn your insurance options as a student living away from home, and why it’s important to be insured.

Sending your teen off to college or university

Help make your child’s move to post-secondary learning as smooth as possible. There are a number of ways to ease the transition for your teen.

How to prevent theft and crime on college campus

Learn how to prevent your belongings and identity from being stolen while you are at college and on campus.

Tenant responsibilities in Quebec

Learn about the responsibilities of renters living in Quebec. Find out about responsible use, repairs, landlord visits, and more.

Guide to transferring a lease and subletting in Quebec

Learn how to transfer a residential lease (or sublet to someone else) if you live in Quebec. Plus, insurance considerations and FAQs.

9 low-cost apartment heating tips

Keep your apartment warm in the winter (without wasting any money) with these 9 helpful tips for beating the cold.

Evictions in Canada and tenants' rights

Learn the basic rights a tenant in Canada has when faced with eviction, and find links to specific information for each province.

Evictions and tenants' rights in BC

Learn about evictions in BC, including the legal reasons to evict a tenant, the correct process, and a tenant's rights when served eviction notice.

Evictions and tenants' rights in Alberta

Learn how evictions work in Alberta, including the process a landlord must follow and the valid reasons for ending a tenancy.

Evictions and tenants' rights in Saskatchewan

Learn about the eviction process in Saskatchewan, including what landlords need to do to serve notice and the tenant's rights if they do.

Evictions and tenants' rights in Manitoba

Learn about the process of eviction in Manitoba, including the steps a landlord must follow and the tenant's rights when faced with eviction.

Evictions and tenants' rights in Ontario

Learn about the eviction process in Ontario, including what a landlord must do and a tenant's rights when served an eviction notice.

Evictions and tenants' rights in Quebec

Learn about the forms of eviction in Quebec, including repossession and lease termination, and a tenant's rights when receiving eviction notice.

8 safety tips for your new apartment

When you move into a new apartment, make sure to run through this list of safety tips, from locating water shutoff valves to securing doors.

Completing a rental application

As a renter, you will need to complete a rental application before you can begin living there. Understand all the details in a home rental application so you can complete it with confidence.

Negotiating and signing a residential lease

Signing a new lease as a tenant can be a big commitment. Before you do, learn how to negotiate the lease, what common details you need to review and other tips to make sure you can enjoy your new home without stress from a landlord.

Tenant and landlord responsibilities for rental unit repairs

As a tenant, the various residential tenancy acts across Canada clearly describe responsibilities for repairs to rental units. Learn what you are responsible for and what your landlord is responsible for.

Residential rental units checklist

If you are considering renting a residential rental unit in Canada, be sure to review this checklist before you decide to move forward.

Top reasons you need to get tenant insurance

Do you really need tenants insurance in Canada? Find out the top reasons why you should have tenant insurance, regardless if your landlord requires it or not.

Tenant insurance versus landlord insurance

Learn the difference between tenant insurance and landlord insurance. As a tenant, you can't rely on your landlord's insurance. Find out why.