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Welcome to the template resource centre. Here you will find downloadable templates that you can use for a number of common issues, such as noise complaint letters, demand letters, or rent receipts. If you have a specific question that you can’t find an answer for, please email us and we’ll do our best to respond.

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If you need to write someone a specific letter to acccomplish a specific task, you’ll find the letter template you’re looking for in this section, plus instructions on how to use them.

Thumbnail of the demand letter template

Demand letter

If someone owes you something, whether it’s money or some work you’ve paid them for, the first step in dispute resolution is sending them a demand letter.

Thumbnail of the lease renewal letter template

Lease renewal letter

Lease renewal letters are normally used by landlords when they want to formally extend their tenants’ existing lease, though tenants may also wish to send a lease renewal request to their landlord.

Thumbnail of the noise complaint letter template

Noise complaint letter

If you’ve got noisy neighbours that won’t quiet down, a noise complaint letter is an important step in resolving the dispute.

Thumbnail of the promise to purchase template

Promise to purchase

When you’re formally offering to purchase a home, you’ll need a submit a promise to purchase to the seller, demonstrating your commitment.

Thumbnail of the tenant reference letter template

Tenant reference letter

As a landlord, your former tenants may request a tenant reference letter to help them secure a new home to rent.


When money changes hands, it’s important to document everything properly. In this section, you’ll find templates for several important payment-related documents.

Thumbnail of the invoice template


You’ve done some work for someone, and now it’s time to make sure you get paid. Use this invoice template to create a simple, effective invoice.

Thumbnail of the rent receipt template

Rent receipt

If you’re a landlord, your tenants may ask for a rent receipt, which you’re required to provide upon request.